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Course Credit & Registration Policies

Course Registration
The Mississippi Bend AEA requires all course and workshop participants to register prior to the start date.  You can register at: By registering, you can pay for credit, receive communication from the instructor, receive the electronic evaluation form, and assist the Staff Development Department with data collection.

Registration deadlines
The registration period for most courses ends two weeks before the start date of a course. Register early – we do cancel classes that do not have a minimum number of participants.

Credit type information
When you register for a course, you can choose to audit the course or receive relicensure or Drake credit. If you audit, you pay only applicable materials fees, but will receive no credit. You will need to consult the syllabus about work requirements. If you take a course for credit, both relicensure and Drake credit can be used to renew a teaching or professional license with the Iowa BOEE. Consult with your district as to which type of credit can be used to move on your pay scale and the documentation needed as proof of completion.

If your district will be paying a portion of the costs related to the course for which you are registering; and you will be paying the remaining fees, please register for the portion the district will be paying. For example, if the district has agreed to cover audit fees related to the course, register for audit. You may then contact the Staff Development Department to make changes to the registration, such as upgrading to relicensure or Drake Credit, and pay the additional fees not paid by the district. Additional information regarding upgrading credit type and paying fees is provided later in this document.

For more information on our partnership with Drake University, the requirements to earn Drake credit, please visit our webpage about Drake Credit Info. The requirement to earn credit changed on July 1, 2015. 

Changes in credit type
You may change the type of credit you receive for a course up until the last day of the course. Following the last day of the course, no changes may be applied to your credit type. Please call the Staff Development Department, at 563-344-6481, to request changes in credit type; as you will be unable to change credit type online, once your registration is complete.

You may upgrade your credit type (i.e. audit to relicensure/Drake) but you may not downgrade your credit type (i.e. Drake to relicensure; relicensure to audit). Credit type changes can be paid with a MasterCard or Visa, by phone or in person; or by personal check, in person or by mail.

Fees – credit costs
The Mississippi Bend AEA charges $100 per relicensure credit and $170 per Drake graduate credit. If a course is held as an in-district course, credit fees are $40 for relicensure and $120 for Drake credit. Some courses offer CEUs for $10.

Payment options
Fees must be paid at the time of registration. We accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards (not Discover or American Express) when registering and paying online. If paying with a Purchase Order, select Purchase Order as your payment type and enter the PO number in the appropriate field. Send or fax the PO to the Staff Development Department as soon as possible.

If you would like to pay with a personal check or money order, please send it with the paper registration form. If you register with the paper registration form, do not also register online. Registration will be completed for you when your payment is received. Cash payments should be made in person at the Bettendorf AEA office.

Late registration
Late registration may be available once registration has closed online. Contact the Staff Development Department to determine if you may still register for the course. Registrations processed after the close date of a course will be charged a $25 late fee. Most courses close for registration two weeks prior to the start date. Do not wait to register late - we cancel courses/workshops that do not have enough participants!

Course cancellation policies/procedures
The Mississippi Bend AEA reserves the right to cancel courses that do not have enough participants. You will be refunded any fees paid and notified by email of the cancellation.

Refund policy
You may receive a full refund of fees if you cancel two weeks prior to the start date of a course. If you cancel after the registration close date, you will be charged a $25 cancellation fee. NO refunds will be given after the start date.

For more information, please call the Staff Development Department at 563-344-6481.

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