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The Drake University Continuing Education and Professional Development ( is proud to partner with the Mississippi Bend AEA. Extension Education is part of the Drake University School of Education which enrolls more than 1,000 students in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. More than 3,000 current Iowa teachers, counselors and administrators are graduates of the Drake SOE. At least 60% of all Iowa school administrators have a least one Drake degree.

Drake’s School of Education offers bachelor, master, specialist, and doctorate degrees on campus in Des Moines and at various locations around the state of Iowa. The Continuing Education and Professional Development offers educators around the world the opportunity to receive Drake graduate credit with online, video and face-to-face courses.

Drake EDEX credit has been discontinued

Drake University no longer offers EDEX (Extension Education) credit through any of the Area Education Agencies.

All Drake University Continuing Education and Professional Development that begins after July 1, 2015, must be offered for EDMA (Educational Masters) credit. Drake EDMA courses will have a minimum of 15 hours face-to-face course time and 30 hours of outside work for each credit offered in the course, for a total of 45 hours of course time per credit. For example, if you participant in a one-credit course (15 contact hours), there will be an additional 30 hours of work required to be completed outside of class. Examples of outside work may include reading/writing, observations, collaboration with other professionals, development of classroom materials, data collection/synthesis, etc. Courses offered for Drake credit may also be taken for relicensure credit, but the course requirements will still be the same as for those taking the course for Drake credit.

Taking Courses at the MBAEA for Drake University Graduate Credit

First: Register and pay for the course and credit on the MBAEA course registration system.

Second: Complete the DRAKE FORM. This information is needed to send your course grade.

At the completion of the course, Drake University will mail you an official transcript with your course grade.

To request an addition transcript: Drake University Forms.

More Learning Opportunities from Drake University

Visit the Drake School of Education website to explore options in:

Graduate Credit Requirements

Drake University continues to offer two types of courses through this Area Education Agency until July 1, 2015. Currently, these courses may be used in the following ways:

  • Renewal of teaching certificates
  • Advancement on local salary schedules
  • Elective credits toward graduate degree programs (EDMA only)

Are all credits applicable in these three ways?

Answer:  No.

The two types of course designations are EDMA and EDEX. Graduate credit rules for these course types are as follows:

  • Courses that have a number starting with EDMA (Educational Masters) may be transferred into one or more Drake University School of Education graduate programs (with advisor approval). These courses will have the expectation of 15 hours of class time per credit AND 30 hours of outside class time work; this may be research, reading, implementation of material in your classroom, etc. The EDMA designation will be listed on the MBAEA website.
  • Courses that have a number starting with EDEX (Educational Extension) may be applicable towards recertification or salary advancement. Refer to your state or local guidelines. These courses are not transferable into degree programs. These courses will not be offered after July 1, 2015. See information above.

For information pertaining to certification or transfer of credit, it is important you check in advance with your university advisor or local/state guidelines as applicable.

Drake University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. In addition to University accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission, all School of Education certification and endorsement programs are approved and accredited by the Iowa Department of Public Instruction, pursuant of Chapter 79, Code of Iowa. Please visit our website to learn more about all of the opportunities available to you through Extension Education. 

Accessing Drake
Students may use BlueVIEW to view grades by semester, unofficial transcripts, accounts and other student resources. Click here to go to BlueVIEW.

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