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Connecting with the Drake  University

 School of Education/Extension Education


Connecting with Drake University has gotten easier with the introduction of BlueVIEW—the Drake University portal to student services. Students may use BlueVIEW to find calendars, unofficial transcripts, and student resources.

To connect to the portal, follow the directions below: 

  1. Type in the URL line of your browser and press Enter or Return.

Enter your BlueVIEW user name (your Drake ID number in 9 digits) in the login box.  Your Drake ID number can be found in the upper right corner of your transcript.* 

  1. Enter your BlueVIEW password in the login box. Your initial password is your birth date in 6 digits, MMDDYY (example, a birth date of July 16, 1970 would be 071670.)**
  2. Click the Login button.

* If you have trouble logging on you may call:  (515) 271-3001 or 800-44 DRAKE extension 3001.

** After you have logged in, you should change your password so that it is known only to you. If you forget our password, you may have it reset to your birth date by calling 271-3001.

Once you have “Logged In” please explore the following:

  1. Link to “MYDUSIS” – “Banner Self-Service” (left side of page)

This link will allow you to view your records.

            “Personal Information”

                        Update your address and phone number

                        View email address (if applicable)

            “Student Services”

                        “Registration”  Check your registration status

            “Student Records”

                        Check for final grade(s) by semester

                        Check for holds

                        Look at your unofficial transcripts for complete/cumulative listing of your courses

            “Student Accounts”

                        Look at your account details

                        View your 1098-T information

  1. Libraries Tab.  This gives you access to all of the electronic resources offered through Cowles Library.

The portal can be extremely useful to you; it only takes a little time to explore the options and decide how it can best serve as an entrance for you. When you finish your connection, always remember to logout so your account is not visible to another user.

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