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Iowa Evaluator Approval Training Program

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For more information about Evaluator Training:
Evaluator Training Process  
Iowa Evaluator Approval & Training – information from the Dept. of Education      
iEvaluate - online course taken on AEA PD Online 
Evaluator Approval Training FAQ

iEvaluate Course Information

The Iowa Department of Education, in partnership with AEA PD Online, is offering iEvaluate, a 2-credit online course that has combined Evaluator  I & II. You can register at AEA PD Online.

How many credits is the course?
The course is 2 license renewal credits. It is not available for graduate credit at this time.

Do I need this course if I have an initial administrator license?
No, you do not need this course or any credits to convert your initial license to a full professional administrator license. You only need experience.

How many different iEvaluate courses are there?
iEvaluate replaces both Evaluator I & II, which are no longer offered. There are 2 different iEvaluate courses, one for the evaluation of teachers, and one for the evaluation of administrators. You will need to complete one of these courses to meet the BOEE's requirements for administrative licensure renewal.

How long does the course take?
The course is designed to take six weeks. There is a final assignment requiring the recording of a teacher/administrator conference and reflections, and there will be additional time to complete the final assignment. 

Is the course all online? What is the format for the course?
Yes, the course is entirely online. It also is entirely asynchronous, meaning the participants won't meet at the same time (as opposed to via the ICN, for example). Participants can select when in the day to participate in the course. 

What technical requirements do I need for the course?
Each participant needs a computer with Internet access. The course is accessed through AEA PD Online’s Moodle system via a standard web browser. Each participant will also need access to either Microsoft Office or compatible software, as there are Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents used in the course. Participants will also need to have the ability to digitally record their teacher/administrator conferences. There will be an online dropbox for participants to submit their digital video file. Participants needing assistance with technology may contact their instructor to find alternative methods. 

What work is involved in the course?
In addition to recorded teacher/administrator conferences, there are a variety of activities in the course. There are reflection forums (discussion threads), quizzes for checks of understanding, and individual writing assignments. 

If you have additional questions regarding your individual situation or which class to take, please contact Greg Horstmann at the BOEE at (515) 281-3587 or Matt Ludwig at the Iowa Department of Education at (515) 281-3750.

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