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An individualized education program (IEP) is a written document for a child with a disability that describes the child’s educational program. The IEP must be in effect prior to the child receiving special education services. The purpose of an individualized education program (IEP) is to provide a plan designed to meet the educational needs of the child with a disability and to describe the resources needed to meet the child’s educational needs. An IEP is a legal document that ensures a student receives the services they need regardless if they move to another district or state.

If your child is age 0-5 please contact our Early Childhood Coordinator, Mary Shihadeh at 563-344-6265.  You can also find more information on our website at Early Access/Childhood page.

If you child is age 5-21 please contact your district's Building Collaboration Team Lead if you have further questions regarding the Child Find or IEP process:

Contacts by District:


Mark Bloom
(Andrew, Bellevue, Cal-Wheat, Camanche, Central DeWitt, Delwood, Easton Valley, Northeast) 

Diane Campbell
(Bennett, Columbus, Louisa-Muscatine, West Liberty) 

Alicia Christiansen
(Durant, Wilton)
Phone: 563-344-6235

Patrick Judkins
Phone: 563-344-6244

Courtney Olsen
(Davenport, Muscatine) 
Phone: 563-344-6219

Aaron Roome
(Bettendorf, North Scott, Pleasant Valley) 
Phone: 563-344-6385

Lorry Wilson

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