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All building personnel are affected by the death of a student. Therefore, it is important to inform non-certified staff of their role in dealing with this event.

Step One
All non-certified staff should attend the mandatory staff meeting to be informed of the plans for the day. Assistance should be offered to staff members who knew the student and are affected by his/her death.

Step Two
Secretarial staff should review procedures for handling requests or calls from parents, news media, and others. Secretarial staff need to remove the student's name from mailing lists. The staff need to notify the principal as soon as possible regarding students who are not in attendance. The principal then should discuss with the Crisis Team Leader appropriate action to follow concerning any students who might be high risk and are not in attendance at school.

Step Three
The guidance secretary should free guidance staff schedules for the day. Some counselors may direct the secretary to clear their schedules for several days so they can best respond to this situation.

Step Four
Non-certified support staff should give the names of any students they are concerned about to the Crisis Management Team Leader.

Step Five
Non-certified staff need to attend the mandatory after-school meeting.

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