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The superintendent is vital to the implementation of the sudden death response plan. First, the superintendent needs to publicly show support for the concept of school intervention in crises situations such as the sudden death of a school community member. Second, the superintendent needs to respond quickly to the requests of the building principal in which the deceased was a member. Third, the superintendent needs to address the media requests. Fourth, the superintendent must communicate with other district personnel and the board.

Step One
Have building principal in which a school community member has died, inform superintendent as soon as possible. (Ask what request building principal may have in order to best be able to respond to this traumatic event.) Superintendent informs, as necessary, other building principals and district staff (including bus drivers).

Step Two
Brief secretary in handling calls and requests for information.

Step Three
Act as a contact person to the media or designate a person to act in that capacity.

Step Four
When appropriate, extend condolences to the immediate family and provide appropriate representation at services.

Step Five
Keep the Board of Education informed.

Step Six
Monitor intervention process.

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