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  • Met with Crisis Management Team.
  • Designated the Crisis Management Team Leader.
  • Arranged for substitute to assist student's classroom teacher.
  • Instructed a staff member to remove locker contents from deceased student's locker.
  • Designated a counseling support center in building.
  • Met with building staff.
  • Directed staff member to review student's cumulative folder and notify other school principals as needed.
  • Informed students regarding the death.
  • Wrote letter to parents of all students regarding the death.
  • Designated a staff member to collect funeral arrangement information.
  • Informed students/staff regarding funeral arrangements.
  • Directed a staff member to remove student's name from all mailing lists, including the district's central office.
  • Called and/or visited parents.
  • Held mid-day meeting with Crisis Management Team Leader to assess response activities.
  • Contacted clergy who will be conducting funeral services.
  • Held after-school meeting.
  • Met with Crisis Management Team at end of day to review day's activities, review list of "high-risk" students, and plan for next day's activities.
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