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  • Attended the all-staff a.m. meeting.
  • If needed, requested a substitute to assist so that I could have individual time to console students, visit with deceased student's parents, etc.
  • Modeled the classroom discussion by sharing with students my feelings and reactions. (or)
  • I felt I could not lead class discussion and informed the principal or Crisis Management Team
  • Leader and requested a team member to lead the discussion.
  • Allowed students to go to counseling support center (sent peer or aide to accompany them.)
  • Kept list of student(s) I thought were "high risk" and gave names to Crisis Management Team Leader during and at the end of the day.
  • Offered colleagues, who were in need of help, any assistance I could give them.
  • Attended after-school staff meeting.
  • If appropriate, attended the visitation and/or funeral.
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