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Special Education Procedures Manual (whole document 592 pages)

Cover: Foreword - Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Special Education Procedures Manual Introduction
Chapter 2: Early ACCESS
Chapter 3: Parental Involvement and Resources
Chapter 4: Solution Focused Intervention Process
Chapter 5: Full and Individual Evaluation
Chapter 6: Special Education Eligibility
Chapter 7: IEP Development
Chapter 8: Reevaluation
Chapter 9: Discipline
Chapter 10: Special Considerations
Chapter 11: Student Records
Chapter 12: Unique Placements
Chapter 13: Resolving Differences
Chapter 14: Monitoring Caseloads
Chapter 15: Ensuring Services to Eligible Individuals
Chapter 16: Forms
Appendix A: Procedural Safeguards Manual for Parents, Part B
Appendix B: Procedural Safeguards Manual for Parents, Part C
Appendix C: Educational Evaluation Report
Appendix D: IEP and Related Forms Directions
Appendix E: Assistive Technology and Transition
Appendix F: Power of Attorney for Educational Decision Making
Appendix G: Weighted Enrollment Matrix
Appendix H: Parental Authorization and Release Form
- for the Administration of Prescription Medication to Students
Appendix I: Special Education Case Review for Adult Services
Appendix J: Support for Accommodation Request
Appendix K: Special Education Eligibility Standards
Appendix L: Early ACCESS Codes
Appendix M: IEP Report Card
Appendix N: Sample Solution Focused Intervention Plans
Appendix O: Extended School Year Services (ESY) Program Description
Appendix P: Paperwork Guide

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