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The Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency product, Knowledge is Power, a program to help students learn about their hearing loss, is available through the Educational Audiology Association.

Educational Audiology Association
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Phone: 800-460-7322

Here is a sample of a student project using information from KIP All About Hearing Aids (PPS)

Mastery Monitoring

What is mastery monitoring? Mastery monitoring is a progress monitoring system that defines the specific skills or curriculum elements that need to be achieved over a goal period. The service provider uses these skill sets to write goals that are meaningful, that are measurable, and that allow for progress to be monitored frequently. The KIP mastery monitoring lists target the key vocabulary from KIP chapters. Using these lists, the service provider can establish a baseline and then track a student’s progress toward attaining the criterion for mastery established for the goal. Your local school district or educational service unit’s procedures for writing goals should be followed when using these mastery monitoring lists.

Mastery Monitoring Full Handbook (PDF)

Individual Chapters:

Anatomy Mastery Monitoring (PDF)
Assistive Devices Mastery Monitoring (PDF)
Causes of Hearing Loss Mastery Monitoring (PDF)
Cochlear Implants Mastery Monitoring (PDF)
Hearing Aids Mastery Monitoring (PDF)
Hearing Measurement Mastery Monitoring (PDF)

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