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The University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning
Strategic Instruction Model

Strategic learning, effective instruction
The KU Strategic Instruction Model® (SIM) is a research-validated literacy program that helps adolescents learn how to learn, providing a means for them to achieve independence and success. SIM consists of a Learning Strategies Curriculum that responds to the need for direct, explicit instruction for adolescents with learning disabilities and a set of Content Enhancement Teaching Routines that promote effective instruction in academically diverse classes. Learning Strategy instruction focuses on helping students become active learners by teaching them how to learn and how to use what they have learned to solve problems and be successful. They have developed and validated learning strategies for reading; studying and remembering information; writing; improving assignment and test performance; effectively interacting with others; motivation; and math. Content Enhancement is an instructional method that uses powerful teaching devices to organize and present content in an understandable and easy-to-learn manner. Content Enhancement Routines help teachers select and transform key information so that all students can master critical course content. In addition, many of the routines promote critical thinking and reasoning by asking students to make connections to what they already know and to apply new information to real-world situations. The teaching routines assist teachers in planning and leading learning; exploring text, topics, and details; teaching concepts; and increasing student performance.

How we support adolescent literacy and learning
Since 1978, the KU-CRL has worked with schools and communities, with classroom teachers, students, and service organizations to tackle the serious challenges of improving literacy and learning among the nation’s adolescents. They have conducted extensive research on the type of instruction needed to ensure that students are ready for and can succeed in college or other demanding postsecondary options.

Content Enhancement
Learning Strategies

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