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Purpose: To enhance all children's academic, behavioral and social-emotional growth and well-being by providing a broad range of psychological health services to individuals, groups, families and systems in a professional and caring manner.

Services Offered: Using a solution focused approach, School Psychologists work with Mississippi Bend AEA team members, parents, teachers and other school personnel to meet students' needs. School Psychologists provide both indirect and direct services to students and families.

Specifically, School Psychologists provide consultation services to parents and school personnel to explore solutions and generate interventions for students. They work closely with other Mississippi Bend AEA and district team members to plan interventions for students and monitor their progress toward goals. If initial interventions prove unsuccessful, multidisciplinary team members may decide that an evaluation of a student is necessary. School Psychologists can evaluate students in the areas of intelligence, academic functioning, perceptual-motor functioning, behavior and personal adjustment.

Many School Psychologists provide counseling for students and/or parents either individually or in groups. School Psychologists can also provide inservice training and parent education in the areas of self-esteem, parenting skills, special education, behavior management, child development and other related topics. Several Mississippi Bend AEA School Psychologists have done individual research on common childhood problems in order to provide insight and intervention recommendations for students, parents, teachers and administrators.

Contacts by District:

Mark Bloom
(Andrew, Bellevue, Cal-Wheat, Camanche, Central DeWitt, Clinton, Delwood, Easton Valley, Maquoketa, Northeast) 

Diane Campbell
(Bettendorf, Bennett, Columbus, Davenport, Louisa-Muscatine, Pleasant Valley, North Scott, West Liberty) 

Nicole Peterson
Phone: 563-344-6487

Mary Shihadeh
(Durant, Wilton) 

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