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About Critical thinking/Problem Solving Skills.

Here are some ideas to help your child learn to think for him/herself in everyday situations.

  1. Problem Solving - Have your child help solve common problems such as:
    • Not enough milk for dinner.
    • Can't find the family's pet.
    • Locked out of the house.
    • He/she has a stomachache.

    Ask these questions for each problem:
    • Why did this happen? (cause)
    • How can we solve the problem?
    • How can we keep it from happening again?
  2. Interferences - As these situations arise, ask your child, "How did you know that..."
    • you would need an umbrella today?
    • you'd have a cake on your birthday?
    • little brother just ate a cookie?
    • mom just bought groceries?
  3. Predictions - Ask your child to guess what will happen next as these situations arise...
    • Dad just picked up the car keys.
    • Your sister put on her coat.
    • Mom put a pan on the stove.
    • You overslept.
  4. Sequencing Directions - Have your child explain all the steps for activities they do, such as...
    • Building a snowman.
    • Brushing your teeth.
    • playing a game.
    • getting to school.
  5. Logical Thinking - Have your child explain why...
    • we have telepones.
    • we keep ice cream in the freezer
    • we use soap and water to wash our hands.
    • we wear coats in the wintertime.
    • Categorizing/Classification - Play games such as:
      • Name a category and have family members add names of items in that category (animals, shapes, colors, food, furniture, etc.)
      • Think of everything you can that has: ears, pockets, windows.
      • I'm thinking of something that...give descriptions using color, size, shape, how you use it, etc.


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