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How to Improve Language Skills

Language includes a child’s ability to understand the speech of others and to express his thoughts and ideas. Home, as well as school experience, contribute to your child's language development. You can help your child develop better language skills through a variety of home activities.


It's important to remember to:


  1. Talk with your child. Answer his questions and ask questions of him.
  2. Listen to your child. Give your child your full attention whenever possible. Be sure he knows that what he does or says is important to you.
  3. Praise your child. Take every opportunity to enjoy your child as he is.


Language Building Activities.


  1.    Shopping and putting away groceries can teach your child:
    1. to follow simple directions:
      "Put the milk in the refrigerator."
      "Put the cereal on the shelf"
    2. new vocabulary words:
      cupboard, shelf, counter, aisle, cash register, onion, frozen, package, etc.
    3. to group similar items:
      fruit, vegetables, meats, drinks,
      items which are: round, square, soft, crunchy, heavy, etc.
    4. to compare items:
      big, bigger, biggest, long, longer, longest 
  2. Doing the laundry can teach your child:
    1. to follow simple directions:
      "Put the socks in the laundry basket."
      "Put the dirty towels in the washing machine."
    2. new vocabulary words
      blouse, separate, clean, dirty, pair, detergent, red, green, stain, rough, etc.
    3. possessives:
      Daddy’s shirt, our towels, his pants, your sister’s pajamas, my socks
    4. to explain in a logical order:
      first we sort the laundry; second...; third...; etc.
  3. Reading a story to your child can teach him:
    1. new vocabulary words
    2. to ask and answer questions: who, what, when, where, why, how
    3. to listen carefully
    4. to explain in a logical order: first..., second..., etc. before..., after...
  4. Playing with other children can teach your child to use social language skills:
    1. to request:
      "Can I have that?"
    2. to protest:
      "I don't want to do that."
    3. to talk in a group:
      turn taking, asking questions
    4. to express his feelings and opinions:
      "I'm made." "I like to play baseball."

Your child can learn from any kind of experience, such as community activities, sports events, visiting the airport, or anydaily household chores. Remembering to talk, listen, and praise will make language building an enjoyable experience for you and your child.


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