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About Listening and Remembering

It is important for your child to listen carefully and remember what is heard. Good listening builds better speaking, reading, and writing skills. Here sre some activities to encourage good listening habits.

  1. Read to your child and ask "thinking" questions about the story.
    "Why was the boy sad?"
    "What could happen next?"
    • Play listening games.

    Simon Says "I'm going to the store to buy..."
    Describe a familiar item and ask your child to guess what it is.
    • Ask your child to tell you about a TV program, play, or movie recently seen.
    • Let your child deliver messages.

    "Tell your Father Uncle Jim called and he wants to fishing Wednesday at 10:00."
    • Give directions on how to do a unfamiliar activity. Let your child follow your step by step instructions.

    Examples: Make a cake, Operating a washing machine, Sorting clothes
    • Let your child watch you do an interesting activity. Explain what you are doing. Desribe the activity with your child afterwards.

    Examples: Fixing a sink, Cleaning, a fish, Making a craft item

Children learn to be good listeners by observing others. Be a good model for your child. Give your full attention when your child is talking. Remember, a child's ability to listen and concentrate in school improves with listening practice at home.


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