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About Reading to Your Child
Why Read?

  1. Reading aloud to your child can help her learn in school and become a better reader.
  2. Reading aloud helps your child learn by:
    • Listening to sentences
    • hearing new words
    • increasing his attention span
    • stretching his imagination
  3. Reading aloud is enjoyable for you and your child.


How To Read:


  • Begin to read to your child as early as possible.
  • Set aside a few minutes to read each day, such as bedtime and naptime.
  • Give your child a few minutes to settle down and listen to the story.
  • Talk about the front, back, top, bottom, beginning, and end of the book.
  • Point to pictures of shapes, people, and actions. Talk about the colors in the pictures.
  • Ask and answer questions about the book as you read.
  • Have your child guess what will happen next in the story.
  • Praise your child when she pretends to "read" books.
  • Read the same book many times, leave out important words and have your child say them.
  • Add your child's name and pet's name to the story.
  • Make changes in your voice and use sound effects as you read.
  • Read slowly.
  • Give "active" children playdough or toys to play with while they listen.
  • Build to longer reading sessions,
  • Give fathers a chance to read to.
  • Use reading time as a reward for good behavior.
  • Talk about the story after reading it.


What To Read:


Read anything to your child so he hears the rythmic sound of your reading voice.

Use baby books with heavy pages, plastic bathtub books, or books made of cloth.

Make picture books out of catalogs of family photos. Put a single picture on each page.

Use picture books without words that tell a simple story. Encourage your child to make up a storywhile looking up the pictures.

Start with story books and build to novels.

Help develop your child's sense of humor and adventure by reading fairy tales and joke books.




Continue to read to your child even after he learns to read. Reading to a teenager is as important as reading to a preschooler.

Read magazines, newspapers, recipes, and other printed materials found in your home.

Ask your local librarian for help in selecting books.

Reading is for life!!!


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