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About Speech Sound Development.

Many children see the Speech and language Patholigist to work on sound production. Though children develop speech sounds at different rates, correct sounds are expected by specific ages. For example, children should be saying correct L sounds by the age of 6 and correct R sounds by the age of 8. Here are the guidelines foloowed by the Speech and Language Pathologist.

Normal Sound Development Speech Chart


Suggestions to Encourage Speech Sound Development


A. Be a good speech model. When your child makes a sound error, repeat the word correctly in a short sentence. Avoid asking your child to imitate the corrected word.

DO: Child: "See the tat?"
Parent: "Yes, I see the cat."

Don't:Child: "See the tat?"
Parent: "That's wrong, say cat."

B. Eliminate teasing or ridicule about your child's speech.

C. Avoid frequent corrections of your child's speech. Be more interested in what your child is saying, not how he's saying it.

D. If the Speech and Language Pathologist suggests direct help, set aside one time each day for practice.

E. Make talking fun. Encourage your child to talk by listening attentively and accepting his attempts to communicate.


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