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Purpose: Transition Specialist maintain in-depth knowledge of transition from high school to adult life, its concepts, assessments, and curriculum for students with disabilities to provide guidance and directions to IEP teams. As well as providing students, families, and schools with linkages to adult agencies in the areas of living, learning and working.

Services Offered:

  • Serve as a resource to AEA and school staff, parents, and communities regarding the transition from high school to adult life for students with disabilities.
  • Provide students, families, and schools with linkages to adult agencies in the area of living, learning and working.
  • Serve as a link for the Mississippi Bend AEA with the Department of Education for transition and work experience.
  • Develop, support, and assist work experience and 4+ programming for students with disabilities in districts.
  • Collaborate with students with disabilities, families, teachers in implementing, assessing and improving effectiveness of transition education and services.
  • Knowledge of IDEA, 504 and ADA.

Referral Process: Referrals are made by contacting the Transition Specialist that services your school building. AEA staff, teachers, administration, families and students are welcome to contact their Transition Specialist.

Transition Timeline and Planning Guide (PDF)
Voices of College Students with Disabilities 2012

Transition Assessments    

IEP and Teaching Resources  

Community Resources for Living, Learning and Working

Student Resources   

Family Resources  

Transition Advisory Board (TAB)


Jody Beltran
Transition Specialist
Phone: 563-344-6288

(Serves Clinton County School Districts, Jackson County School Districts, Bettendorf, North Scott and Pleasant Valley School Districts, Davenport Mid-City High, and Davenport North High School)

Michelle Wehr
Transition Specialist
Phone: 563-344-6292

(Serves Muscatine County School Districts ,Davenport Central High School, Davenport West High School and Davenport Intermediate Schools)

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