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High school no longer means an end to your formal education. Most jobs require ongoing training. Technology changes life daily. New forms of recreation catch our interest. Each of these may require a return to the classroom for a workshop or class.

  • Before applying for a college program, make sure you identify your disability and investigate student support services. Inquire about the services available for students with disabilities prior to enrollment. College services are not the same as the support you may have received in high school. It's important to understand the difference, and the importance of being able to self-advocate in college.
  • Make sure you have done as much career exploration as possible -- through the internet, job shadows, career exploration programs, and work experience, before you decide on a career choice.
  • If you need assistive technology, inquire prior to registering.
  • Financial aid will be determined on an individual basis and should be applied prior to the start of a semester. Check your college's financial aid office for important deadlines that may affect your eligibility for financial assistance.

Post-Secondary Resources

Kaplan College
(800) 747-1035

Augustana College
(309) 794-7000

Black Hawk College
(309) 796-5000

Brown Mackie College
(309) 762-2100

Hamilton Technical College
(563) 386-3570

Midwest Technical College
(800) 814-5124

160 Driving Academy

(855) 390-0160 Website:

St. Ambrose University Office of Services for Persons with Disabilities
(563) 333-6275 (V/TTY)

Scott Community College
(563) 441-4000

Trinity College of Nursing and Health Services
(309) 779-7000

Western Illinois University
(309) 762-9481

Agencies and Organizations Which Offer a Variety of Services Leading up to and Sometimes Including Training:

Department of Labor Apprenticeship and Training
(563) 324-1339

EICCD - Community Education
(563) 336-3444
Web Site:

EICCD - West Davenport Center
(563) 326-5319
Web Site:

EICCD - Business and Industry Center
(563) 441-4360

HDC (Handicapped Development Center)
(563) 391-4834
Web Site:

ISED Ventures (Iowans for Social & Economic Development)
(563) 324-4775
(800) 888-4733
Web Site:

Job Corps
(563) 445-3200
Web Site:

IowaWORKS(563) 336-3499
Web Site:

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